About Canal 5 Studio

Designing buildings and spaces that support human interaction at its highest potential.

MaineGeneral Health Gardiner

Consolidating numerous services in a single location right off I-295 offers better, more coordinated care in a state of the art building.

Bates Lane Hall Renovation

Close collaboration alternates with focused work by staff. To create a visually open environment with individual accommodations, “office cabins” with sliding doors and glass walls were designed.

Verrill Dana Renovations

A 60,000 sf law office renovation creates a contemporary office environment while retaining the warmth and character of a venerable law firm.

Long Residence

The design distills New England vernacular form to create a simple but strong expression of Yankee integrity and modesty.

Backyard Farms Campus Expansion

This visitors’ center and research support building, along with additional greenhouse space, accommodate clients and visitors, bolster the company’s marketing and identity, and reinforce the grower’s agricultural research and production efforts.

Portland Ballet Studio Theater

Perfectly scaled to the company’s needs, the new Portland Ballet Studio Theater provides a bold yet intimate theater experience, and has proven itself a rich addition to Portland’s cultural venues.

Hyatt Place

Hyatt Place, located on Fore Street, is a 130 room, 7 story, 80,000 s.f., limited service hotel. Its contemporary design projects a twenty-first century identity, while transparency at the ground floor engages the vibrant street scene in Portland’s Old Port.

Bates College, Chase Hall Renovation

The redesign of the underutilized “Bobcat Den” lounge created a lively and engaging space for student and faculty interaction. It transforms into a student pub at night, all the while recognizing the tradition inherent in the near 100 year history of the building.